For those with ill intention to wreak havoc in others lives this is for you.

You have no place or say in how I live my life then and now
You all have no Idea what my life has been nor what I have endured
You will never know the truth but this is how you can catch a glimpse into my pain and lessons learned
Don’t take sides, don’t assume you know, because you have NO idea what it was and is for me
The truth of things would shock you to know about those you love
I . Protected it for many reasons and still will simply because I am a lady with class and a mother
Don’t ask me questions you do not want answers to as I have released that burden of protecting someone else
I don’t care about your feelings or opinions but if you want to judge, not your place, make sure it’s factual
If you think slandering me or degrading me is beneficial for you, let me tell you how desperate you are
How those continue to have your back tells me the shallow places those are around you will take you
I am no longer bound by the web of lies
So if you wanna know ,follow me, increase my stats, as your weak courage of just glancing speaks volumes